Patient Management

Patient record management couldn’t be made any simpler! The brain of the system, VersaSoft Chiro’s Manager, does not only securely store all of your patient’s information, but it can keep track of your customizable clinic data too. Entering predefined patient services into the ledger can be entered in a breeze with quick codes and copy last visit functions. Line item EOB entry, customizable charge slips, maintenance schedules, reporting, and letter merging are just a fraction of the many features included in our versatile software. Learn more from our reviews.

Fully Customizable Chart/SOAP Notes

VersaSoft Chiro chart notes/soap software gives you the means to create your own customized detailed chiropractic notes in seconds. Quickly generate personalized notes with your own phrases, preferred methods, and your favorite techniques. Visit reports can be quickly generated for single or multiple patients all at once.

Full Inventory Management

Save time and improve efficiency and accuracy with VersaSoft's Inventory manager. Instantly calculate values on hand, profits, taxes, costs, and profit reports. Create and receive new orders for items in seconds and set amount limits to make sure you never run out of product.

Unpaid Claim Batches

Stop claims from slipping through the cracks with our unpaid claim batches. Let VersaSoft Chiro search your database for unpaid or partially paid claims to be sent in one solitary batch. With double-check verification, Versasoft Chiro will make sure every single claim has been paid.

Appointment Scheduling with Ease

With our new redesigned appointment book, the ease of creating a new appointment for your patients couldn’t be any easier. The appointment book is completely customizable and open and closed schedules for doctors can be applied effortlessly. In conjunction with VersaSoft's Messenger, text message appointment reminders can be automatically sent out and confirmations can be automatically retrieved from the patient.

Updated ICD-10's and ICD-9 to ICD-10 Conversion Tools

Stay current with ICD-10 diagnosis codes each year. Also annual updates and easy access to your commonly used ICD-10 codes with your predefined unlimited favorite lists. Do you still have old patients coming in today that last came in prior to 10/1/2015? Use our speedy ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion tool which uses data provided directly by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Integrated Credit Card Processing and Recurring Payments

Reduce mistakes and cut down the time that staff spends while entering credit card payments. X-Charge's industry leading end-to-end encryption technology prevents malicious programs from stealing data, which provides a level of security above and beyond payment card industry requirements.

Billing Group Specific Services

Tired of entering different modifiers or prices for CPT codes depending on the insurance or case type. With VersaSoft's billing group specific services, you can setup any code to automatically add the modifier or adjust the price for you.

Automated Text Message Reminders

Stop wasting time and money with patient reminder calls! Versasoft Messenger, our integrated text messaging reminder software, uses the most effective no-show prevention tool to make sure you have the highest attendance possible. Automatically notify patients of their appointments and get any confirmations posted right into their account. Do you also want to send birthday wishes to your patients? Birthday texts can be sent out automatically to patients on their special day!

Go Paperless with Digital Imaging

Reduce your waste of paper, ink, and labor costs while increasing efficiency, security, and by going paperless with Versasoft Chiro. Apply patient photos and scan insurance and other documents directly from your media device. Most scans are saved digitally in efficient pdf files and images can be imported in almost any image format.

Missing Information Reports

Guarantee your claims are not missing critical information that will cause rejections with our single patient and batched missing information reports.

HIPAA Compliant Database Encryption

Every day new digital threats are preying upon unsecured systems. With full database encryption while stored or in transit, you will be assured that your patient's protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) will be completely secure. It will always meet and exceed the highest standards of security and privacy mandated by the HIPAA guidelines.