Yes, we offer a one-time conversion for new clients at no cost if we can access the old data.
VersaSoft Chiro is a server based software that gives you full control of your data. If you need online access we suggest a remote desktop software like LogMeIn or Teamviewer.
Yes, but an additional charge for the Sybase iAnywhere database will be included depending on the amount of computers. Click here for Pricing
The software is designed for a Windows PC. However, you can use it on an Apple computer if you have Parallels software installed.
We can have you up and running within an hour if you do not need a conversion. With a conversion it usually takes about a week but could be sooner depending on the access to your old software.
Yes, with a text messaging plan you can send out reminders at a previously scheduled time.
Yes, Versasoft offers the full list of ICD-10 codes along with a favorites section for your most commonly used codes.
Yes, Versasoft uses login screens for all applications plus a 160-Bit encrypted database that will protect your data from any technological threat out there.


Yes, we offer a 10 payment plan with a deposit including first and last month payments.
We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).
Yes, you will receive a 5% discount if you have graduated within one calendar year.
Yes, for every clinic you refer to us, you will receive $200 off your next year of support.
Yes, for every additional clinic after the first, you will receive a $300 discount.


Yes, with some minor exceptions. 1) You cannot create claims. 2) You can only enter 15 patients. 3) All printouts will include “Demonstration” across the top.
Call us at (800) 367-8774 to get your demo direct mailed to you today or Click here to get an instant downloadable copy now! Versasoft offers a downloadable demo or we can direct mail you the program. Versasoft is available in two convenient options for reviewing.


In order to keep our costs low, Versasoft offers 1-on-1 support using ScreenConnect remote access software. Combine this with phone support allows us to be virtually right there with you for all your support & training needs.
For continued support we offer a basic support plan for $695 a year that includes 2 hours of support per month and all updates. This package is available for any clients support package that has ended within the last 30 days.