Here at VersaSoft we take pride in taking care of our clients. We always strive towards offering stellar customer support. In our 24+ years of business that has never changed. One thing that has changed is the software itself. Over the years we have converted the software from a limited version of DOS to a full working program that is compatible with all Windows versions. Now you may be thinking if the software is compatible with Apple? It sure is, as long as you have Windows Parallels and a Windows operating system installed on your Mac computer.

The programming team here at VersaSoft is always looking to improve the software anyway possible. We tend to release mini updates every 2-3 weeks to keep the software at its top level. Major updates are released about once a year. Speaking of a major update, we are excited to be releasing a brand new version of Chart Notes/Soap Notes as our next major update around fall of 2018. We are so excited about the new Chart Note program because it will take VersaSoft Chiro to the next level. It will include full body diagrams, be touchscreen friendly, have the option to export/import files to/from other chiropractors and so much more. Our most recent major update in 2017 included many great features like an entire new appointment book and the option to send appointment text reminders to patients. You can read more here about Version 17. 

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VersaSoft Chiro Reviews

Still not sure if we are the right chiropractic software? Check out our reviews on our Home page and About Us page. There is also more reviews on Capterra. As you can see we take care of our clients! 

You can also experiment here with our demo version of the software.  This is a full version of the software with a couple of exceptions. (15 patient max and claims can’t be generated)

Please give us a call at 800-376-2478 or live chat with us with any questions you may have. We look forward to potentially doing business together! 

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