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Customers have been asking about all the new features in the latest major update 17.1. We thought we would put together a post to help explain some of the new features. This major update was released in March of 2017 for our chiropractic software.  Our goal is to have 50+ new features added into every major update with a couple of big new features. This update 17.1  is no different as there are many new features our clients will love!


Some of the new added features ...

  • User Permissions have been added to all programs:   
    • This will allow administrators to add security by setting permissions for all users that use the software. Customers can apply the permissions in the User Setup sections in Configuration and the Clock In and Out programs. 
  • The Images screen has been completely redesigned:  
    • To improve performance we now using a new imaging engine. Customers can now scan and save pdf files along with multiple image scans in Chart Notes and Manager. Customers now have the oppurtunity to combine images into one file instead of seperate files.  
  • A new revamped appointment book: 
    • A entire new appointment book that follows our user friendly approach is complete. It is now much easier and faster to schedule appointments and it only takes a couple of seconds to make an appointment for a patient. 
  • Appointment text reminders integrated into the appointment book:   
    • A feature that has been an idea of ours for a long time has finally made it into the software as it is possible to automatically send appointment text reminders to patients. In addition clinics have the option to customize their text and how the want it to be read. Then once the patient confirms the appointment, a yellow check mark will show up on their appointment. Customers really like this great feature because office managers don't have to make reminder calls and it also decreases the amount of no shows a clinic will get. This saves you money!
  • The For Chiropractors Only software name has been officially changed to VersaSoft Chiro:  
    • Many of you probably know our chiropractic software as For Chiropractors Only or FCO. For us it was difficult to make this name change. Customers have known it as For Chiropractors Only for nearly 30 years.  VersaSoft Chiro fits us because it is a shortened version of our company name as it also because creates more marketability oppurtunities. Customers can still expect our chiropractic software to be the same great software, but with a great new name! 

A couple more notes ...

A reminder for current clients to run the check for updates in your folder on the desktop as we try to release a patch update every month to fix any glitches or add small features. 

(Current clients) In order to get a full list of the software update log, all you have to do is go to your VersaSoft folder (or For Chiropractors Only folder) on your desktop. From there you will see a folder called "Update Setup and Info". Customers will then be able to see the documents in the folder.

(Prospects) You can download the software once you fill out the demo information.  From there you will see a download link to the demo version of the software. Download the software and then you will have a demo version of our chiropractic software.  We will be releasing new posts/blogs monthly to keep everyone updated on what features we will be adding and in addition any other important news our clients and prospects would like to know. 

We also release little tidbits and updates on our social media pages (i.e. Facebook, Twitter). So following us and liking us is a good idea!

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