This is why you need text messaging appointment reminders for your clinic! 

You're probably thinking, how can I save money by getting VersaSoft's chiropractic software appointment reminders?

Well it is this simple...

Generally the average patient appointment collection is $65.  So if you have 2 no shows per week, then your lost revenue adds up to $563 per month or a whopping $6,760 per year! Wow, that is a lot of money lost for just 2 missed visits per week.

I think you get the point...

With our very affordable prices, you can get patient appointment text reminders for as low as $24.99 a month for 500 texts.  This is the cost of only one patient copay! See the diagram below to learn more about other lost revenue and in addition other texting plans. 


Texting diagram

First of all, our Messaging service, called VersaSoft Messenger, is fully automated and integrated within the VersaSoft Chiro software. There is very little work to be done from a clinics point of view. All you have to do is to opt a patient in with a simple check mark. VersaSoft Messenger does all the rest for you! Patient's text reminders will then be sent out automatically before his/her appointment. It is that easy! 

Another great feature about VersaSoft Messenger is that once the patient confirms their appointment, a yellow checkmark will show up next to their name. This feature is great because when you come to work in the morning, you will have an idea of who to expect to come in for the day. Also, it gives you a chance to follow up on the patients who have not confirmed their appointment yet. This way they do not become a no show.

It is a no brainer for clinics that regularly schedule appointments because of how much money you will save!

Do you want to see what VersaSoft Messenger looks like? If so, click here to see pictures of this service and other pictures of our great user-friendly chiropractic software.

For a limited time only, we will waive the $45 setup fee if you mention you learned about this texting service from this article on our website. Note, VersaSoft Chiro is required to be installed to use VersaSoft Messenger. 

Call us at 623-266-1599 if you have any other questions or want to move forward with this exciting service and start saving money today!

Have a great day!


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