How much are no shows costing your chiropractic clinic?

This is why you need text messaging appointment reminders for your clinic!  You’re probably thinking, how can I save money by getting VersaSoft’s chiropractic software appointment reminders? Well it is this simple… Generally the average patient appointment collection is $65.  So if you have 2 no shows per week, then your lost revenue adds up to $563 per month or a whopping $6,760 per year! Wow, that is a lot of money lost for just 2 missed visits per week. I think you

What is new in version 17.1?

VersaSoft Chiro Version 17.1 Features  – Chiropractic Software                                Customers have been asking about all the new features in the latest major update 17.1. We thought we would put together a post to help explain some of the new features. This major update was released in March of 2017 for our chiropractic software.  Our goal is to have 50+ new features added into every major update with a couple of big