Versatile Software Systems | Company History

Versatile Software Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of software solutions for the healthcare industry. We are headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and our software is implemented in healthcare practices across the nation. We are dedicated to providing robust, easy-to-use solutions to allow healthcare professionals to spend time where it matters most -- on caring for their patients.

VersaSoft Chiro | Software History

VersaSoft Chiro is a chiropractic management software and has been in use in clinics for over 27 years. VersaSoft Chiro was first introduced as For Chiropractors Only in the late 1980's by Jaguar Software. The software was developed in DOS and was supported by Jaguar Software until Versatile Software Systems acquired it in the mid 1990's. To stay competitive in the latest technology, we immediately started developing a Windows version of the software, which was completed in the late 1990's. From day one, our goal was to improve the software every year, make it as user-friendly as possible, but at an affordable price for the customer. We are proud to say that we have accomplished these goals and work hard every day to make it even better! In 2017, the software was officially changed from For Chiropractors Only to VersaSoft Chiro.


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5 Stars

Our office would just like to tell you how very pleased we are with Versatile Software Systems, Versa Soft chiro, as well as with the support generated by its employees. I have only been using this chiropractic software for two weeks as I am new in the office; however, I have found the EHR software to be incredibly user-friendly as well as easy to maneuver through and pick up on. The program is quite intuitive and I am finding that many of the features are genuinely self-explanatory, which is always a plus when you work in a fast-past, medical environment. One huge benefit to their programs is that any errors that could potentially be made seem to be easily correctable!! The VSS program, Versa Soft Chiro, is easy to use and has a clean and graphical interface; however, more importantly, it works. I have worked in several physician offices and never utilized a program that was as easily interpreted. The graphics are clean and non-intimidating to “newbies” such as me and I have discovered that whatever your practice requires, Versatile Software Systems has a feature to accommodate!! I would highly recommend Versatile Software System, Versa Soft Chiro, to anyone needing powerful, easy to use tools in a chiropractic setting. In addition, I must compliment the technical support as they respond with quick and incredibly efficient assistance every time you call. In my experience they have never left a call without a resolution nor have I ever felt like a burden, even when I have called several times in a day!! Thanks for all you do!! 5 Stars all the way around!!

Review by Kandi from Henson Chiropractic clinic

A great user friendly software

Scott, I appreciate all the time you have spent training me on the Versa Soft Chiro. This software has made my job so much more time efficient that I can focus on other details of the office. I can state that FCO is very user friendly and focused on servicing the customer! I am so glad we found your company and we’ll refer you to other Chiropractic offices. Thanks for all you have done.

Sheila with Premier Chiropractic

Very helpful and awesome support

Our office desperately needed new software, the program we were running was overly burdensome and complicated to learn for a small but busy chiropractic office. I was given the assignment to find a new one. After much research and many phone calls, I discovered Versatile Software. The best thing that ever happened to our office. Just a few minutes with the trial disc was enough for me to know this was just the package we needed. We have been running FCO for several years now with no problems. Training was a breeze and the support staff goes above and beyond with any questions. I would recommend this software to any medical office. For us, they are 5 stars.

Karen Briggs Mowry from Sotis Chiropractic - Office Manager